A Message to Our Children

Inspired By  Robin Sharma
10 mins

Quick Summary

Use the window of opportunity with your children to share your values, enjoy perfect moments with them, culture their inner leaders, take them to great art galleries, expose them to inspirational models, do fascinating things with them. 

If you don’t, there will be a certain amount of angst within your heart that you’re going to carry with you throughout the rest of your life. 

Messages to give to our children

1 - You have what it takes. Do what it takes to live your best

Every child is born into innocence and their unique form of genius. Every single child on the planet has one thing in the world they can be the best at. 

Help them believe in themselves the magnitude of their potential. Cultivate it and kindle it so that fire of genius grows everyday. 

2 - Failure is only failure if you choose to see it as a failure

Kids are modelling your behaviours and beliefs. They are watching everything you're doing and saying so be the leader the human being you want them to be. 

If they stumble or come back with a C or D or F give them unconditional love. Say to them ‘I love you but is there a way you can you make it better next time?’ Help them hardwire a belief to be relentless in everything they do. 

3 - It doesn’t matter about fitting in, it matters more about liking yourself

'Be yourself, everyone else is taken.’ Oscar Wild

'There will never be a better you than you' Warren Buffet

It’s really important that kids receive messaging from us that they are awesome. Brilliant! They are unique. There is no one else quite like them living on the planet today. 

You don’t have to be like the great athletes in school or the A students if you’re a B student. A lot of the great entrepreneurs and business people in the world today weren’t designed to be great at school. 

Help your kids feel comfortable in their own skin. 

If you’re insecure and your whole life is designed to look good in society and you’re not very authentic, then you’re going to get children who are really scared to stand in the bravery of their own original nature when they go out in the world themselves. 

4 - Stand for excellence

Excellence, mastery and world class. Those are beautiful values to give to your kids. Using good words, reading great books, eating healthy food, having interesting conversations, being in nature. 

Have your kids ask questions of the interesting people that come into your life. 

5 - Encourage Children to see the value of being loving, compassionate, forgiving and kind

The bravest and most heroic amongst us are the most loving. It takes massive guts and incredible strength of character to forgive, to be a peacemaker, to build understanding where the average person judges someone.  

One of the most powerful things you can do in an angry conversations is to open up and try to understand the other person. 

Be kind, loving and polite to strangers on the street because if you have an opportunity to uplift even a single life, it has been worth it. 

Help your kids rise into their loving nature. They will be great examples of leadership in humanity. They will respect themselves and that is what true success is about. 

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