Dangerous Ideas Around Our Health, Medicine & Food That We MUST Question

Inspired By  Eric Edmeades
22 mins

Quick Summary

Whether we realise it or not, our beliefs about health and food heavily influence our bodies and minds.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent systems, but we often don’t seem to respect, or even understand, the complexity within them. When it comes to health and fitness, we often throw quick-fix “solutions” at them, expecting the latest fad diet to fundamentally change the way our physical beings work. WildFit founder Eric Edmeades explains how humans have strayed too far from our evolutionary roots — and how the American medical industry has been instrumental in distracting us from what really works. Instead, this multibillion-dollar industry has filled our minds with dangerous and, ironically, unhealthy beliefs about health, medicine, and food. A healthy, holistic way to feel your physical best.

In our everyday life, we get used to our aches, pains, and allergies and think that is normal. In reality, our bodies are sick inside and we can go through our whole life ignoring these until they become serious. A typical doctors approach focuses on the symptoms and prescribes pain relief drugs but not a cure for the root cause.

You don’t think you’re sick you just think you’re your normal.

Diet - the word diet is grammatically incorrect the way we use it. Diet is a way of life to sustain life, whereas human diet is to temporary alteration to fit into a bikini for this event.

The real meaning of diet is ‘way of life.’ Simple.

We’re emotional beings and tend to latch onto ‘specialness.’ We can tend to go down a narrow path/concept/fad diet instead of embracing nutrition as a whole.

In our natural diet, there are delicious tasting foods that are nutritious and were hard to find. Today man has made these foods plentiful and created similar tasting foods that we are addicted to (i.e. sugar) but in reality in high doses are very toxic to our system.

What effect is this having on us as species?

  • 1 in 3 is dying of cancer
  • 1 in 3 is dying of heart disease
  • The 3rd or 4th cause of death in the United States Iatrogenic Death - death caused by medical treatment - a fancy name so no one understands it = death by doctor.

It would be cheaper to give organic fruit and vegetables to people for free than treat them for cancer for the last 20 years of their life.

For generations, we have survived. Our body is the most amazing survival organism. Generations before us have survived the toughest conditions and the biggest cause of death has been starvation. Our ancestors would never walk past available food that is in abundance today. We have to learn to walk away from some of these primal instincts.

Today, we are not dying of cancer or heart disease, we are dying of starvation of another form, malnutrition, which is the cause of the majority of diseases we experience.

60% of food has a form of sugar in it which makes us eat more. The sweetness in fruit is designed to make us eat it to transport so that it can survive. Our society and culture is heavily based on a scarcity of food which has radically shifted and yet our culture beliefs and patterns haven’t.

Stress is meant to strengthen the species and is designed to kill off the weakest link to keep the gene pool strong. This is to serve the purpose of continued evolution. Our modern culture is infused with a prolific amount of stress. Are you just surviving or thriving in our modern day culture?

Our DNA is built to survive and now we need to start making some decisions and different choices in life to thrive.

We have to realise how catastrophic stress can be in our lives. We need to have a greater awareness of the things that cause stress in our lives and how we respond to them. We need to take positive healthy actions in easing/coping/dealing with/rising above stress. Smoking, for instance, has been a popular choice for instantly letting go and changing our focus but equally harmful. 

The marketing world has figured this stuff out and takes advantage of us every day. Smoking is old news now but sugar and chemicals are in so much of our foods to make it yummier with little regard to the health side effects. 

We are all unique and different and our survival instinct is strong and in our DNA from generations of evolution. Today's modern world requires a whole other level of awareness, knowledge and understanding that it is up to us and the choices we make for ourselves (not marketing manipulation or social conditioning) to thrive and be healthy through the food, nutrition and every single thing we put into and onto our bodies. 

Eric Edmeades - From Mindvalley 2016 Greece

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