Giving Your Kids the Best Intuitive Tools for Success

Inspired By  Sonia Choquette
10 mins

Quick Summary

A chat between Sonia Choquette and her daughter Sabrina about the best intuitive tools that have worked for Sabrina in life that she was taught as a child.

Normal language around the world ‘Intuition'

Don’t make the word ‘intuitive’ be weird or different. Just make it part of normal communication with no big deal around it. 

Keep the terminology in 'kid language.' I.e. If they child has ‘bad vibes’ they can use the words ‘the woolies’ which means they didn’t feel comfortable or safe. 

A non verbal way of communicating is to squeeze your parents hand two times, so for example, if you’re out, it may not be appropriate to say anything. It allowed the kids to communicate that they were not having a positive experience and then the parent can act on that in a way they feel approprite. 

Spirit protection

Sonia's children were taught from a young age that if they were out and about they had a support team, their guides, higher self, universal intelligence, whatever you want to call it as a way of protecting them. 

She would ask her guides questions if she wasn’t sure about something. To fish for solutions. 

Personal space and boundaries 

If Sabrina was being a bullied at school, she learned how to expand her energy out and put up an energetic ‘NO’ if it wasn’t appropriate or too hard to say it. 

Every morning Sonia would show the girls where their energy boundary fields are and send them off to school. This really helps with bullying. 

  • Trust your vibes
  • What does your heart say versus what does your head say
  • Ask your guides for help 
  • Set your energy

Just don’t make this type of work a big deal. 

The Intuitive Spark: Bringing Intuition Home to Your Child, Your Family and You - Kindle Version

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