The Science Behind Yoga (Documentary)

Inspired By  UPLIFT
26 mins

Quick Summary

As Science becomes more subtle in its ability to measure, it is discovering that the wisdom of Yoga is actually objectively quantifiable. Join us on a journey through the very latest medical and scientific research about the healing benefits of Yoga.

A short snippet of content from the beginning of the documentary;

The 4 components that really make Yoga what it is

  1. The physical postures - stretching, exercises, movements, breathing and relaxing techniques... working the body to effect it's global functioning.
  2. Self regulation - the ability to control our internal stress and emotional response. Resilience to stress and equanimity in the face of emotions which lead to a psychological efficacy.
  3. Cultivation of mind/body awareness - the sense of being able to feel what's going on in the body and mentally to be able to observe the flow of thought. This leads to an increase mindfulness which can effect behaviors in a very positive way.
  4. Experiencing deeper states - spiritual states, transcendence states even if they are short term. These are the kinds of experiences you get in deep meditation can really be transformative for people and bring them to a positive lifestyle and help them gravitate towards positive goals in life. To improve and enhance their life meaning and purpose.

This is only the introduction to the video but it's a great one to watch.


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