What is the #1 Tip to Burn Belly Fat?

Inspired By  Craig Ballantyne
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There's a lot of myths out there, there's a lot of secrets out there, but you just want the #1 simplest tip to burn belly fat. Right? Well, Craig's going to give it to you.

Craig Ballantyne's # 1 tip to burn belly fat


It applies to your cardio, your diet and your resistance training. What Craig has found from training thousands of people over thousands of hours in the gym is that most people don't do things with enough intensity, and when he switch them to one of his higher intensity programs they get magical results in just days.

Here's the deal, when people go to Craig to do their training or they switch over to Turbulence Training after having done long slow cardio, they get results super fast! They are the ones who get the best results and burn belly fat the fastest.

Stop the slow cardio and switch to interval training with Turbulence Training. Up the intensity and decrease the amount of time you workout. It's a win, win, win situation.

Next, you have to increase the intensity of your diet. You can't out-train a bad diet.

Here's a scary stat, the #1 source of calories in the United States is liquid calories from sugary beverages. You need to CUT THOSE OUT and you will start to see your belly fat shrinking. Diet is so important!

Finally, the third place to increase the intensity is your metabolic resistance training. No more going through the motions with long rests at the gym. He's going to get you in and out of the gym or in and out of your home workout space in 20 minutes with resistance training. No more long, long, long lifting sessions.

Non-competing supersets and circuits that you'll get in the metabolic resistance training programs at Turbulence Training, will give you an increased metabolic response after training.

You will notice that your body is burning extra calories for hours and hours after. Combine that with the increased intensity and commitment to your diet and you're going to shed belly fat fast. Within a couple of days, you'll notice your belt getting looser.

That's the #1 tip, INTENSITY. Take it to the next level in diet, cardio and resistance training and you will succeed. 

By Craig Ballantyne - Turbulence Training

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